North Park Fire

The North Park Fire Protection District provides fire, rescue, hazard, and emergency medical services to portions of Machesney Park and unincorporated Winnebago County, Illinois. The District serves approximately 18,000 residents covering 15 square miles of suburban residential, commercial, and light industrial occupancies. The district encompasses approximately two miles of the Rock River along with major thoroughfares such as Interstate 39/90 (the Jane Adams Memorial Tollway) and Illinois Route 251. The District includes 6500 households, 200 commercial structures and six public schools. The department responds to an average of 1,500 calls for service each year.

The North Park Fire Department is comprised of approximately 50 personnel including one full-time fire chief, a part-time administrative assistant, and a combination of part-time and volunteer firefighters. The district is served by three fire stations housing a total of four front-line engines, including one capable of providing urban-wildland interface, one aerial truck, three squads, three command vehicles, one utility vehicle and one boat.

The North Park Fire Department is a member of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Division 8 along with 23 other area fire departments, providing apparatus and personnel during large-scale emergencies.


For any information that has not yet been posted, including FOIA, please contact our administration office by emailing anytime or by calling 815-636-3051 (M-TH 6a-11a).

Keep fire hydrants clear of snow and ice

Wednesday, November 25, 2015  It's winter in the state line and that means plenty of snow. With snow and ice accumulation over the next several months fire hydrants can become difficult to locate or prevent the fire department from accessing them. The North Park Fire Protection District asks residents to lend a helping hand and please consider adopting a nearby fire hydrant and ensure it remains clear of snow or ice accumulation by clearing a three foot perimeter around it and clearing a path from the hydrant to the street. If you are unable to clear a nearby fire hydrant, please ask for help from a family member or neighbor and if you know of neighbors that are sick or disabled please clear the area around the fire hydrant for them.



North Park responds to garage fire

Saturday, November 21, 2015  North Park Fire first responders were dispatched to a residential garage fire in the 1300 block of Phoenix Road in Machesney Park at approximately 10:00 pm on Saturday, Nov. 21. Harlem-Roscoe and Cherry Valley Fire Departments also responded to the call. The fire was contained to the attached garage with damage estimates unknown.



North Park Fore dispatched to garage fire

Saturday, November 21, 2015  North Park Fire first responders were dispatched to a residential garage fire on Shoreland Avenue in Machesney Park around 5:00 pm on Friday, November 20.



Helping Hands Pantry

Saturday, November 14, 2015  Please consider helping out some of our less fortunate neighbors this holiday season. If you can, please help the Village of Machesney Park's efforts to support the Helping Hands Pantry by donating a new toy.



Interstate 90 General Alarm

Saturday, November 14, 2015  North Park Fire first responders were dispatched to a three vehicle incident on Interstate 90, north of Business 20, during the early morning hours on November 14.



Firefighter Recruitment

Saturday, November 14, 2015  Have you considered becoming a firefighter? Do you want to serve the community you live or work in? The North Park Fire Protection District will be starting a recruit academy in early 2016. If you're interested, please call the office at 815-636-3051 and we'll take down your mailing address and name so we can send you information regarding an upcoming open house/orientation detailing what it takes to wear the North Park name on your back as a firefighter on our department. We require that you pass a drug test, Illinois State Police criminal background check, our version of the CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test), a written exam and be willing to dedicate yourself to meeting our attendance requirements for training and responses. In return we'll train you, give you some fantastic opportunities to better yourself and invite you to be a part of the North Park Fire brother and sisterhood.



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